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We were the first specialist distilleries tour company in Scotland and it has long been been our ambition to introduce our clients to Irish distilleries and whiskey.

This hasn’t really been an option as, for many years, there have only been 2 or 3 distillery tours available.

Today, all that has changed, and there are now 12 working distilleries spread throughout the country. In the next year or so, if all goes to plan, there should be another 5 or 6 distilleries opening.


Whiskey could almost be considered a fledgling Industry in Ireland, but the tradition and history of distilling has existed for over a thousand years. Indeed, Irish monks are said to have taken whisky and distilling to Scotland. During your tour we will introduce you to one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in the world.

2016-10-cliffs-of-moherIn addition to the distilleries, there are fabulous pubs, traditional music, miles of empty beaches, mountain passes and tunnels, towering cliffs and quays. Ireland is a wonderful country and these tours will not only introduce you to the Irish Whiskey industry, but to Ireland itself and the lovely people.

We have been operating tours in Ireland for 27 years and we can finally offer the tours we always wanted, Irish Distillery Whiskey Tours.